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09 Oct '15

5 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out of Bed Every Morning

5 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out of Bed Every Morning

By Paul Lenda

Guest Writer for Wake Up World - Courtesy of Wake Up World 

You just woke up and are ready to get out of your bed and start your day. Why not bring some mindfulness into life from the moment you get lucid?

These five things you can do before getting out of bed are so simple and easy to add to your daily routine yet so effective that it begs the question – why we weren’t doing them before? You’ll soon discover that they will create a sense of mindfulness, elevate your state of mind and put you in the right space to be happy and successful at whatever you set out to do.

1. Express gratitude
Every new day leads to a new way to say “thank you” for being alive. Everything we experience and are capable of experiencing on this blue marble in this universal arena is something to be grateful for. Contemplate the fact that something rather than nothing exists and that within that something we exist and experience such an amazing reality. There is always something to be grateful for, we simply need to look around us and within us. Through continued gratitude we cannot help but feel an explosive volcanic eruption of bliss to be so fortunate as to have what we have.

Don’t get hung up on what you don’t have, because that will lead you to disappointment and suffering. Our life situation may never be ideal in our eyes but at any point on our life paths we can stop and be mindful of what we appreciate about our lives. Feeling like it’s difficult to find something to be grateful for? You can always get down to the basics… “Thank you for this breath that gives me life”. Say it or feel it, it doesn’t matter how you express gratitude, as long as the conscious intention is there.

2. Set your intentions for the day
Treat your thoughts as if they were spells of magic, replicating in the real world from the garden of your mind. Our thoughts are what shape the reality we personally experience. If we intend for something to happen, either to our state of mind or our life situation, we usually make it happen. If we want to be happy, we do what we know has brought us happiness before or what we feel will make us happy. If we want to get out of a physically or emotionally toxic environment, we initiate plans to move or relocate somewhere else. Without that initial energy to move things towards a new direction, our situation won’t be moved towards a change.

Most of us have to get up for work on a regular basis which leads to going through the motions of getting out of bed, getting ready and going to work. Before we do any of that we can affirm, either in the form of saying aloud or writing down, what we intend for the day or wish to get done. This could be something specific like set the intention to go grocery shopping, or something more broad, such as intending to not say anything hurtful to anyone we interact with that day.

3. Take five long deep breaths in & out
Breathing is what keeps us alive. If we stopped breathing, our hearts would stop beating and we wouldn’t live to see a new day. Breath is incredibly powerful and can take us into transcendental states of consciousness where we become masters of our inner fire. All too often we baseline to shallow breathing which may sustain our lives but will not optimize them. Get up to the next level. Breathe in and breathe out deeply for as long as is comfortable… s l o w l y. You should feel your stress and tension melt away like butter on a hot day. If you want to enhance your breathing, get some essential oils like eucalyptus to keep beside your bed and take deep whiffs. Start your day off feeling refreshed.

4. Smile for no reason — just flex the muscle
Smiling is one of the best free life hacks we have. You know how difficult it is to stay angry or not feel better when smiling. All that serotonin and all those endorphins flooding your brain chemically cure melancholia. The pronoia sets in and you get off to a great start for the new day. Smiling has been shown to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system which is all the more reason to do it after leaving Dreamland. Smile and get elevated.

5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes
Can anybody say they lead a “perfect” life? Hardly. We all make mistakes… actions or reactions we come to later regret because we feel it would have been better if we didn’t do them. Forgiveness benefits you more than anyone else. Through forgiveness we stop holding on to the cause of our suffering and let it go. Acknowledge that you made a mistake and while you can’t change the past, you can create a new present.

Everything is in a constant state of change… it’s the only constant in existence. We change all the time whether we realize it or not. We are not the same person we were yesterday, a year ago, or a decade ago. We shouldn’t forevermore hold something against ourselves since that will only create more suffering. We have all suffered enough for one reason or another. Let’s not add any unnecessary suffering to our lives. Look at your shadows, acknowledge their transient nature and let them go.

03 Oct '15


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14 Sep '15

One Minute Miracle Hemp Oil

Hemp seeds can be eaten raw, ground into a meal, sprouted, made into hemp milk (akin to soy milk), prepared as tea,[4] and used in baking. The fresh leaves can also be consumed in salads. Products include cereals, frozen waffles, hemp milk ice cream, hemp tofu, and nut butters. A few companies produce value added hemp seed items that include the seed oils, whole hemp grain (which is sterilized by law in the United States, where they import it from China and Canada), dehulled hemp seed (the whole seed without the mineral rich outer shell), hemp flour, hemp cake (a by-product of pressing the seed for oil) and hemp protein powder. Even though hemp and marijuana are both made from the Cannabis plant, hemp seeds contain negligible levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),[citation needed] which is the psychoactive substance in marijuana.
01 Sep '15


Does Positive Thinking Free Us From the Matrix
27th August 2015

By Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

On a bleak weekday of your spiritual journey you arrive home, full of stress and frustration, and open the mailbox. It is, as usual, full of advertising brochures. You are about to throw them all in the dustbin, but what you read on the cover of one of them raises your attention. You read the following:

Positive thinking makes you happy! Happy, because you can always look at yourself like you are looking at a miracle. Positive thinking is the magnet of happiness. If you think of something, you will start attracting it. If your thoughts are beautiful, you will attract beautiful things, whereas if you are looking at the world pessimistically, your whole life will be a tragedy. Change it, and you will be happy!

Yes, that is what is missing from your life: happiness!

You read the rest of the text on the page with interest, the five main points of positive thinking are:

I am existing in this world in order to fulfill my mission.
I achieve what I really want–I want things that are positive for me and advance me in life.
In the course of my development I need practice, experience and insight.
I am able to convert my negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones.
I am capable of loving myself, even with my weaknesses and faults.
If you wish to experience these five points, your life will be happier, more wholesome and harmonic.

You are invigorated by what you have read, you believe that you are feeling alive, first time for several days, and the world around you is beautiful. You decide that from now on you will think positively, and with the power of positive thinking you will be able to change your life.

But is that really true?

Lets have a closer look at those positive thoughts:

I Am Existing in This World in Order to Fulfill My Mission

In order to fulfill our mission, we need to know in the first place what our mission is!

During our Spiritual Journey, our mind has set up a number of goals and objectives for us. We have often believed “yes, that is it, that is the real thing”, but finally we realized with disappointment that it was not the case. What is the guarantee that the new goal set up in front of us by our mind and positive thinking, will really change our life? We do not even have a chance to see that, as long as we seek for the mission of our life in the world of shapes and forms.

Still, this endless chase for unfulfilled desires is not entirely useless as, after a while we get tired on our Journey, and realize the futility of the eternal tread-wheel.

I Achieve What I Really Want – I Want Things That are Positive for Me and Advance Me in Life

This idea further refines the notion of our mission, as we are allegedly attracted to things that advance us on our Journey towards fulfilling our mission. Have you ever thought about whose ideas these really are, who wants to achieve advantages?

Even a brief self-analysis will reveal that these ideas are dictated by the Ego-dominated mind. As long as the glue of identification binds us to the mind on our Journey, these are in fact our own ideas, and they forge our ambitions. Where these ambitions take us is something that we have seen at the mind games. Sometimes we get so hopelessly stuck in the net of the world of shapes and forms that only the death is able to get us out of there.

But if we recognize the trap, we may even experience our disappointments on our Spiritual Journey in a way that the disappointments effectively dissolve the glue of our identifications. Positive thinking is therefore not primarily useful for us and our Ego-dominated mind, but much more so for the awakening of the Consciousness.

In the Course of My Development I Need Practice, Experience and Insight

From early infancy, we have been brought up with the concept that we are not perfect, we need to develop, we need experience and insight in order to be better and more perfect. That social conditioning is the reason why we almost all fall into the trap and we believe we are able to achieve perfection in the world of shapes and forms. The eternal law of shapes and forms is, however, that a specific form is born, it flourishes and then dies, to give its place to the new ones.

There is no place for eternal perfection in the world of forms and shapes, and we look for it in vain on our spiritual Journey. Insight and practice are necessary to the final experience that will make us recognize that perfection is not to be found in the world of the mind, in the world of forms and shapes, and it cannot be grabbed by our thoughts.

I Am Able to Convert My Negative Emotions and Thoughts Into Positive Ones

The technique of positive thinking is not able to change you. All that happens is that it suppresses the negative dimensions of your personality. Positive thinking does not mean more than relegating negative ideas, thoughts and emotions into the unconscious level of our mind. Once ideas disturbing us or others have been suppressed, we condition our conscious mind with positive thoughts.

Osho asserts that the problem with this solution is that our unconscious mind is more powerful, nine times larger than the conscious one. As soon as we relegate an idea down there, it will be nine times more powerful than it used to be. It will not be there in the old way, but it will find new manifestations.

If you suppress some negative idea or emotion, just because you find irritating, even you yourself may be aware that it is only self-deception. Deep inside you the suppressed idea of emotion continues to work, and at the conscious level of your mind you are trying to make it look nicer. On the surface you may smile, but this smile is only skin deep.

If you are able to exceed that situation, reaching beyond the mind, you will always be able to look at the process as an external observer, and realize that positive thinking levies heavy the burdens of suppressed, internal tensions on your personality. These suppressed tensions may burst out like a volcanic eruption one day.

I Am Capable of Loving Myself, Even With My Weaknesses and Faults

This love is perhaps not the unselfish love of accepting ourselves; it largely depends upon the efficiency of the implementation of the first five points. If I am successful in positive thinking, if I am able to use this method successfully in my life, I have every reason to love myself. If I am unsuccessful, the love of myself may easily turn into disappointment and despair.

The latter has, we must realize, a much greater likelihood than reaching altitudes never experienced before as a result of positive thinking. We may conquer one peak or two, but as we have discussed previously, in the world of shapes and forms not success but change is the permanent tendency.

Consciousness without Choice

As a conclusion we may say that positive thinking may render a good service to us, though not in the way we originally expected. The impossibility of implementing positive thinking in the world of forms and shapes and the failures rooted in it may shatter or quiet the Ego-dominated mind, and open up the way to the re-emergence of a new mental ability.

On our Journey, we must acquire a new Consciousness which is neither positive, nor negative; that of Consciousness, the Witness, the Spectator without having to choose. It is the Pure Consciousness, which will completely re-shape your entire life.

You will astounded to see that if you stay as a Witness in the world of shapes and forms, in the Consciousness without having to choose, as a Spectator, how intensively will something appear in your soul. Something that points beyond both positive and negative, something higher than both.

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