Unless you are in an extremely strange and dangerous situation, you most likely aren’t using hydrogen peroxide daily. This being the case, you need somewhere to store it properly to prolong its lifespan. The answer to “Does hydrogen peroxide expire?” is yes. And once you open H2O2, the clock starts ticking down so you need to keep it away in a place that protects. Our team at The One Minute Miracle has detailed the best way to store 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide below.

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Keep In Its Original Container

The first step to maintaining H2O2 at its peak effectiveness is to leave it in the bottle it arrived in. Transporting it to a new container only increases the risk of contamination. Our team specially designed its packaging and bottle to keep the hydrogen peroxide fresh longer. To further prevent foreign contamination, do not put anything else in this bottle and secure the lid tightly every time you open it. Every time the bottle is open is an opportunity for outside factors to introduce themselves and start exacerbating the decomposition process.

wood bathroom cabinet

Away From Light & Heat

Isolating the bottle from higher temperatures and bright lights is also important for prolonging the effectiveness of 35% hydrogen peroxide because these factors are another accelerant of decomposition. Possible dark and cool places to store H2O2 are a medicine cabinet or a freezer. These cooler locations have the added bonus of being hidden from confused individuals who may be tempted to ingest the drops.

medicine cabinet

Separate From These Products

H2O2 interacts poorly with organic compounds, combustibles, strong bases, and salts because these products emanate a higher rate of free particles. To ensure you are storing the bottle in a place that maximizes the lifespan of the drops, do not surround it with these items and keep it off wooden shelves. Wooden shelves can hasten the speed of decomposition because they create more loose contaminants that can enter the bottle.

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Out of Sight

If you live with children and pets, keep your 35% hydrogen peroxide hidden away because they may confuse it for a beverage. This is a hazard because H2O2 can be toxic if ingested, so The One Minute Miracle does not recommend storing it in your refrigerator.

Storing your hydrogen peroxide is simple. Keep it isolated in a cool area away from other products that can break down the antiseptic and keep it hidden from those who may ingest it. Follow these rules and your H2O2 can have an effective lifespan after it has been opened. For more information about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, contact The One Minute Miracle today!

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