You've probably heard about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, which can be used as a disinfectant, cleaner, and to clean your toothbrush. But, do you know how to use this great product effectively? The One Minute Miracle offers top-rated 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide products for your use. Learn more about how to use it below, and order online today!

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What Is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

So named because food grade hydrogen peroxide was first used mainly by the commercial food industry, this type of hydrogen peroxide is great to use to clean vegetables and disinfect surfaces. It also contains no added stabilizers that other hydrogen peroxides use to extend the shelf life.

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Use As a Disinfectant

One of the best and most effective uses for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is to use as a disinfectant. Be sure to wear gloves in order to avoid undue exposure and try to turn on a fan to keep the area well circulated. Use on kitchen countertops, to clean your bathtub, cutting boards, and garbage cans, and to clean your major appliances. It also kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi and is not as toxic as bleach.

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Great for Rinsing Your Produce

Thirty-five percent food grade hydrogen peroxide is quite effective at cleaning your produce. It helps to remove germs and dirt. Be sure to rinse your produce thoroughly with your solution to be most effective and don't use any other household disinfectant sprays or wipes, as these can contain harmful chemicals that aren't all that safe for you or your family.

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Use as a Stain Remover

Using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide as a stain remover is not as common as the other uses, but it works great and is quite effective. It can be used to effectively whiten your carpet and to remove stains on your clothes. Try using it on grout and your ceramic cookware, too. You may have to soak the stain, depending on how "hard" of one it is to get out. However, the results should be worth the extra effort.


The team at The One Minute Miracle is proud to bring you the best 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for the uses listed above and many more. Our trusted food grade hydrogen peroxide products come in many different sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs. You'll be amazed at its effectiveness once you try it, and we bet you'll be back for more. With great customer service and fast shipping, you'll love the ease of our 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Order from us today!

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