How to Use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide vs 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a similar composition to water. The only difference is that there is an extra oxygen atom in the compound. This is why it is sometimes referred to as oxygen-rich water. The extra oxygen gives the solution strong oxidizing properties. H2O2 is produced naturally in the body to fight off infections and kill germs. It is also lab-synthesized and has a wide range of applications. How H2O2 is used depends largely on the dilution.

At The One Minute Miracle, we offer food grade hydrogen peroxide at a range of strengths including 35%, 12%, 8%, and 3%. There are many benefits to food grade hydrogen peroxide and many ways to use it. In this blog, we are going to compare 35% H2O2 to 12% H2O2 to highlight some of the major differences and uses. Read on to learn more and be sure to order your food grade hydrogen peroxide today!

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

35% H2O2 is one of the strongest that you are likely to find available to the public. It is often known as food-grade hydrogen peroxide because its dilatation strength allows it to be safely used for food processing, food packaging, and preservation purposes. It also has some medical and industrial applications. While 35% H2O2 does not imply that it is food grade and food grade hydrogen peroxide does not imply that it is 35%, our 35% hydrogen peroxide is food-grade. 

12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

12% food grade is the most common diluted form of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Like 35% H2O2, it is completely pure, meaning it is free from additives or stabilizers. This, and the high dilution level, makes it safe to use for food-related purposes. It also has antiseptic properties and is commonly used for cleaning purposes.

How to Use: 3 Drops of 12% vs. 1 Drop of 35%

12% hydrogen peroxide and 35% H202 are practically the same compounds. The active ingredient is the same. The only difference is that one solution (12% H2O2) is more diluted than the other. This introduces a slight difference in how they are used. 12% H2O2 is produced by diluting the 35% solution 3 times. Thus, to get the same effect (for cleaning or any other purpose) as 35% hydrogen peroxide, you need to use three times the 12% solution. This means to get the same effect as one drop of the 35% solution, you will need 3 drops of the 12% solution.

What to Use 35% Food Grade H2O2 For

35% food grade H2O2 can be used for a variety of things. From vegetable antibacterial wash and cutting board disinfectant to disinfecting small cuts and scrapes and treating ear infections. Before you use 35% hydrogen peroxide for any medical remedies, be sure to consult with your doctor. Oftentimes you will need to dilute the hydrogen peroxide before using it for medical purposes. 

We offer both 35% and 12% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. They can be used for practically the same thing. The only major difference between both solutions is the fact that 12% H2O2 is milder. Hence, you will need more of it to get the same effect as the 35% solution. You can find both solutions on The One Minute Miracle, Inc.'s website. Visit to order yours now.

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