Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid acid that has high oxidative properties, chemical applications, biological function, domestic uses, and therapeutic uses. The One Minute Miracle offers many concentrations, but 35% hydrogen peroxide and 12% hydrogen peroxide are the most common products. In this blog, learn the differences between 35% hydrogen peroxide and 12 hydrogen peroxide and order the product that’s right for you from One Minute Miracle today.


The Chemical Composition

The chemical structure of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. It is a clear, colorless, odorless liquid that combines hydrogen and oxygen. As mentioned above, it is available in different strengths.

The key difference between two of the most common strengths is in its core chemical structure. 35 hydrogen peroxide and 12 hydrogen peroxide have a difference in their percentage of dilution with water. The 35 percent hydrogen peroxide has 35% H2O2 and 65% water. On the other hand, the 12 percent hydrogen peroxide has 11 to 13% H2O2 and 87 to 89% water.



The 35% hydrogen peroxide is an extremely concentrated solution and has different purposes. 30-35% can be an H2O2 of electronic grade to be used to clean electronic equipment, whereas H2O2 of technical grade contains phosphorus and is used to neutralize tap water. At One Minute Miracle, we also have it available as an H2O2 of food-grade.

The 12% food-grade hydrogen peroxide is diluted from 35% food-grade to comply with EU regulations.


Primary Uses

The 35% hydrogen peroxide is safe to use by food producers for various purposes. These uses include bleaching wheat flour, cheese processing, or as a sterilizing agent for food packaging materials. Since its primary use is related to food, it is known as 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

The 12% hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and is most commonly used for industrial, manufacturing, or laboratory purposes.

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35 food-grade hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and has antibacterial properties. Hence, it is commonly used in or as home cleaners. People use it to clean their kitchen and counters, and when properly handled, it’s safe to use without worry in your home.

In the case of 12% hydrogen peroxide, it is recommended to not use it at its full strength. To use it safely, dilute it to a 3% H2O2. Since it is strong, never use it with bare hands.

One of the most common questions we get is does Hydrogen Peroxide expire? The answer is yes, it does. In an unopened bottle, it can last up to 3 years. However, when opened, it begins to break down quickly and is effective for a shorter period of time.

H2O2 is a versatile household chemical. To learn more about this product, reach out to One Minute Miracle or place an order on our website today!

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