Your smile is one of your most noticeable features. A quick flash of your pearly whites and friends and family will know that you take pride in careering for your teeth. A healthy smile brings an unrivaled natural glow to your appearance. It’s easy to keep your teeth looking clean and bright thanks to food grade H2O2! In today’s blog, the One Minute Miracle will discuss the role of hydrogen peroxide in your oral health care practices.

Why H2O2 Is An Effective Part Of Tooth Care

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive and effective way to take care of your teeth. It’s chemical composition allows it to act as a lightening agent and remove build-up and stains from teeth, whitening them as a result. Its antimicrobial properties make it ideal for those suffering from oral health issues like gingivitis, plaque, and bleeding gums. It can reduce bad-breath by targeting the odor-causing bacteria that live in the mouth. For these reasons, H2O2 has found its way into many dental care routines.

Professional Bleaching Treatments

For many, the obvious choice for getting your teeth cleaned is to turn to your local dentist. In addition to your regular dental checkups, they likely offer a bleaching treatment. The name, however, can be a little deceiving. Many dentists do not use actual bleach in this process. Instead, they use a hydrogen peroxide solution. In conjunction with a series of specialized lasers and lights, your dental hygienist can help you improve your smile, and get rid of any unsightly stains or blemishes on your teeth. This is a great way to use H2O2 for tooth care, as it’s under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Soothe Your Sore Gums

If you have tender gums or experience pains in your mouth, hydrogen peroxide can help to alleviate some of these pains. By mixing a small amount of diluted 35 percent food grade H2O2 with baking soda, you can make a paste that can be brushed onto your teeth and gums with your toothbrush or clean finger. Leave the paste on your teeth and gums for a few minutes, then swish water around in your mouth until the paste comes loose, and spit it into the sink. Give your teeth a quick once-over with a toothbrush to remove any remaining paste.

Order Miracle Brite Smile Today

Ready to show off that smile to the world? Now you can, thanks to the One Minute Miracle’s Miracle Brite Smile. Making use of the powerful, and natural properties of hydrogen peroxide you can keep your smile looking its best. It whitens your teeth, reduces inflammation in your gums, alleviates bad breath, heals your canker sores, and even aids in tooth sensitivity. Order yours today, and be sure to consult your dentist before including into your oral care routine.

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