After reading our previous blogs, you’ve no doubt seen some of the positive ways that you can use our food grade H2O2 products to improve your ability to live a healthy and clean life. But after purchasing and using some of your H2O2 from The One Minute Miracle, you might wonder about the best way to store your new product. Afterall, the unique makeup of hydrogen peroxide means that it can break down quickly if not stored properly. Not to fear. Storing your food grade hydrogen peroxide is really quite simple!

Use The Original Container

Your food grade H2O2 will arrive from The One Minute Miracle in a specially designed bottle that will help to keep it fresh and last longer. Use this bottle, and this bottle alone when storing your H2O2. Avoid putting anything into the bottle, as this can introduce foreign contaminants that can impact the effectiveness of your product. Seal the lid securely every time you use it, and do not leave the bottle open for very long, as researchers at Michigan State University have found that even dust can cause the hydrogen peroxide to rapidly decompose.

Keep Your H2O2 In a Cool, Dark Place

The One Minute Miracle has found that when food grade H2O2 is exposed to heat and light, it begins to break down quickly. Our clients have found success in storing their One Minute Miracle products in their medicine cabinets. Others have also stored their H2O2 products in the freezer if they are in need of a long-term storage solution. However, if you choose to store your H2O2 products in the freezer or refrigerator, make sure that it is clearly marked or labeled so that family members or visitors do not mistake it for a beverage.

Keep Your H2O2 Away From Certain Other Products

Your food grade hydrogen peroxide will last longer if you store it away from organic compounds, combustibles, strong bases, and salts. Studies suggest that you should also avoid storing your H2O2 on wooden shelves. All of these products and materials interact poorly with your H2O2 product and cause it to decompose more quickly.

Storing your food grade hydrogen peroxide products from the One Minute Miracle really is easy. Simply use the original container, keep it in a cool, dark place, and avoid keeping it near certain products. When stored properly, you can enjoy the benefits of H2O2 for the entire suggested life of the product. Of course, make sure you’re only using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide products from the One Minute Miracle, and ensure that you’re using them in a responsible manner. Using other grades of hydrogen peroxide may cause health complications.




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