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As you may know, hydrogen peroxide has a variety of uses, one of them being a disinfectant. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at a few different uses for food-grade hydrogen peroxide in your kitchen to ensure that your cooking environment is safe and sanitary for you and your family.

Disinfect Your Vegetables With Hydrogen Peroxide

There’s nothing quite like a well-made salad, a freshly prepared smoothie, or some delicious roasted veggies in the oven, but all of these things can very easily go awry if your vegetables aren’t properly cleaned. Some incorrectly feel as though buying organic produce will reduce the risk of food-related illnesses, but the fact of the matter is that all vegetables need to be cleaned thoroughly before use, whether you plan to cook with them or eat them raw. While you may have been the person who purchased that apple or banana, you most certainly were not the first person to come into contact with it. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure that your produce is properly cleaned. For firmer food items like apples, oranges, potatoes and carrots, you can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub them along with a diluted solution of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide and water. For things of a more delicate nature, soak and rinse them so as to not cause them to fall apart. Not only does this ensure that your produce is clean and sanitized, it can also help extend their life once refrigerated, as bacteria is the main reason as to why produce can sometimes age faster.

Disinfect Your Cutting Boards and Countertops with Hydrogen Peroxide

Unless you’re the sort of person who prefers to order takeout every night, there’s a good chance that your cutting boards and countertops see a fair amount of use over the course of a week. Your cutting boards specifically see a variety of food items, from meat, poultry and fish to various fruits and vegetables. Simply cleaning these with soap and water won’t necessarily sanitize these surfaces as well as you may hope. Depending on the amount of use that your wooden cutting boards get, soaking them in hydrogen peroxide for roughly 10 minutes will effectively kill off bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella.

Additionally, while your food may never come into direct contact with your countertops, the number of things that you may not see come into contact with them is numerous, from stove-related splashing to just general spillover during the cooking process. Because of this, it’s equally important to keep kitchen surfaces sanitized as well, and 35 percent hydrogen peroxide will do a fantastic job of ensuring that these surfaces are clean.

Disinfect Your Dishwasher with Hydrogen Peroxide

While the entire concept of having a dishwasher is to clean our dishes and kitchen utensils, many people often forget that the dishwasher itself deserves a thorough cleaning from time to time as well. Think about it-we run hundreds or perhaps thousands of glasses, dishes, forks, and knives through our dishwashers every year. With most modern appliances generally being high-efficiency, the amount of food debris we leave behind on our dishes and utensils is considerable, with much of that being left behind in the dishwasher itself. After time, this debris can turn to mold and fungi, finding its way into the many tiny cracks and crevices inside your dishwasher. Both of these things can be incredibly harmful to us, so taking the proper steps to sanitize your dishwasher is absolutely integral to maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen. Food grade hydrogen peroxide has been proven to kill a variety of different molds and fungi, making it the perfect tool for sanitizing your dishwasher. Fill up a spray bottle with 35 percent hydrogen peroxide and water, spraying all the areas that you think could trap moisture-from the tiny crevices behind the rubber shieldings to all the different baskets and compartments used to store your utensils. This will ensure that your dishwasher is truly clean and can perform at top capacity, ensuring that your plates and utensils are also clean and sanitized.

Those are just a few examples of how hydrogen peroxide can be used as a disinfectant in your kitchen. One Minute Miracle aims to be your go-to resource for buying food-grade hydrogen peroxide online, offering you a variety of affordable options. Place your order by midnight and receive your order in just 3-5 days. Shop today!

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