Hydrogen peroxide is not the only type of peroxide chemical available, but most of the other commercially available products contain dangerous additives like acetanilide which makes them too dangerous to be considered food grade. These peroxide chemicals (including some concentrations of hydrogen peroxide) are considered toxic to the environment, humans, and pets and have been classified as carcinogenic in some cases.

At The One Minute Miracle, we offer 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, along with a variety of other strengths. In today’s blog, we are going to go over what ‘food grade’ means and why choosing food grade H2O2 is better. Read on to learn more and order yours today.

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Definition of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

The term food grade hydrogen peroxide is often used to describe hydrogen peroxide at a 35% concentration that is free from toxic chemicals, such as stabilizers. However, 35% H2O2 doesn’t always imply that it is food grade, and food grade H2O2 doesn’t always have to be 35% in strength. Food grade hydrogen peroxide simply means that it is free from dangerous chemicals and toxic materials and nothing is added to it. 

In this pure form, H2O2 is considered safe to use for various purposes around the house for various cleaning and antiseptic purposes. It may also be used (in measured quantity) on foods like fruits and vegetables for preservation and disinfection purposes.

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What Makes Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Safe?

Without chemical additives, 35% hydrogen peroxide is easily decomposed in the body and does not cause any form of toxicity. The International Agency for Research on Cancer confirms that this pure form of hydrogen peroxide is not carcinogenic. It is also not considered a toxicant and does not have any adverse effect on developmental and reproductive processes.

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Uses of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Food-grade H2O2 has a long list of uses but is most popular for its cleaning and disinfection properties. It is also used in manufacturing to preserve some food products. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years in medical and dental settings. The anti-microbial properties of this chemical compound make it a great choice for getting rid of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms both indoors and outdoors.

 Glass with hydrogen peroxide in it and a gauze with tweezers.

Considerations For Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

While 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is safe and does not include any added chemicals, toxins, stabilizers, or other harmful ingredients, it still should be used with precaution. You should never ingest or inhale food grade H2O2. When using for medical purposes, be sure to dilute it. 

Like everything else in the world, food-grade hydrogen peroxide has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. However, if your product is from an authentic source (that can guarantee its purity and concentration) and you follow simple safety procedures, you can safely use hydrogen peroxide for the different purposes highlighted here. If you need to purchase hydrogen peroxide, you can place your order from the One Minute Miracle, Inc today!