Thank you from Amazon customer Laura A (Order: 104-4349046-9602655) From: Laura A Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:17 PM To: The One Minute Miracle, Inc. 1 of CANNABIS OIL ORGANIC EXTRACT VIRGIN CBD (CANNABIDIOL) 1 BOTTLE WITH DROPPER WITH 2 OZ AND 1 OZ 35% H2O2 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED 1 of CBD MIRACLE OIL DROPS - ORGANIC EXTRACT VIRGIN CBD OIL (CANNABIDIOL) 1 GLASS BOTTLE WITH DROPPER WITH 2 OZ. OMG I am blown away with this product! I am a holistic healer and I bought and recommended the use of this to a client. She had been bleeding and had bladder infection for over 5 months. We had done a lot of holistic things. And she did need the detox, heavy metals, and parasites. She works in a beauty salon so of course we determined it was from the chemicals. Still, you have to know, I had her start your product on the Feb 4th, the next day she had a healing crisis, but just that day. And the next day the bleeding stopped, after 5 months! Today after just six days of treatment, she comes back from the specialist, and they can find NOTHING! NOTHING! They can not even find where the bleeding has originated! She is fine! Amazing. Thank you for producing the miracle drops. Peace. Laura A

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