Hydrogen Peroxide

Harmful bacteria doesn't only cause serious diseases, but it may also be the reason for many common ailments that people deal with day-to-day without knowing the true cause. We've had reports from our customers saying that Hydrogen Peroxide has had the ability to either lessen the effects of or treat the following ailments:

Cuts, Scrapes and Open Sores – This is the old traditional treatment for open cuts and sores. The procedure consists of applying Hydrogen Peroxide to kill any infection.

Acne – Applied with a cotton swab it will dry up the acne. A moisturizer should be applied afterwards to restore some of the natural moisture of the skin as the Hydrogen Peroxide will dry out the area surrounding the acne.

Mouthwash – A mild solution can be used as a mouthwash. This will kill bacteria that causes bad breath as well as help prevent Gingivitis. At the same time it will whiten your teeth.

Remove Ear Wax – A weak solution put in your ear will help in the removal of hardened ear wax.

Athletes Foot – You can use a spray bottle to apply to affected areas of the feet. This will kill the fungus causing the athletes feet.

Colds, Flu – Gargling a weak solution will kill the germs causing these illnesses.

Other Uses of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Once you experience the many health benefits of Food Grade H2O2, you'll never want to live without it! Here are many other ways you can oxygenate yourself and everyone else in your home!

Stain Remover – Great for removing blood stains.

Sanitizer – Use it in the kitchen and bathroom to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.

Wash Vegetables – Vegetables are sprayed with all kinds if insecticides and additives to keep them fresh. Rinsing them off with a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide will kill these harmful additives.

Water Plants – Used to supply extra oxygen to the soil. Many farmers now spray a weak solution on their crops to eliminate harmful bacteria and act as a natural insecticide.

Treat Mold – Use Hydrogen Peroxide to completely remove mold without harmful chemicals.
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FDA Warns Consumers Against Drinking High-Strength Hydrogen Peroxide for Medicinal Use. Ingestion Can Lead to Serious Health Risks and Death. The statements on this website and products have not been reviewed or approved by the F.D.A. The statements on this website and the products are not meant to diagnose or cure any disease or illness. Improper handling and usage of hydrogen peroxide may cause serious injury or death.