Miracle Oxy-Colon Cleanse - Happy Customer

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By: Caveman Etrison April 10, 2016
I bought Miracle Oxy-Colon Cleanse Colon Detox because I have diverticulitis and a lot of blockage throughout the colon. I've had chronic IBS with constipation for many years. While I need surgery, I still use colon cleansers or laxatives to relieve build-up and pressure. This also helps to keep infections down. The Miracle Oxy-Colon Cleanse did work while I used it but I was taking 10 pills a night. I never had any side effects. Some people may use less if they don't have my medical problems. Since you go through the bottle fast when using 10 pills every day then it is better to buy Miracle Oxy-Colon Cleanse instead of the other brands, because they are better and they are consistancy with they're quality.