Brand: 1MM

Product Description

  • Size: 8 oz bottle
  • Food grade certified #7722-84-1
  • 3 Drops of 12% Equal to 1 Drop of 35%.
    • Recommended By: The One Minute Cure Book
    • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, the ultimate cleaner for 1st AID cuts and scrapes.
    • Body ears, throat and diffusers. 
    • Household counters, surfaces, cutting boards, laundry, stains, toothbrush and baby gear.
    • Food nuts, seeds, grains, veggies, fruit, meat, fish and chicken.
    • Free of Toxic Stabilizes, No Petroleum, No Benzene, No Additives found in brown bottle peroxide. NON GMO and No Heavy Metal.
    • Great for homes with gray water systems. 
    • It's good for the environment making grass greener and oceans cleaner.
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction or Money Back-Guarantee. 
    • Made in the USA


The FDA warns consumers against drinking high-strength hydrogen peroxide for medicinal use. Unwanted side effects can include serious health complications and even death if not used correctly. The statements and products on this website have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose or cure any disease or illness, though they are believed to have powerful healing properties. 

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