Hydrogen Peroxide is commonly known to clean your cuts, scrapes, and burns. As a mild antiseptic used to prevent infection, you’ll be surprised to know you can safely use it in your kitchen, too! At The One-Minute Miracle, we offer food grade hydrogen peroxide with no additives or heavy metals. We even offer less than 12% strength for those orders outside of the USA or Canada. Keep reading to learn more about how to use it in your kitchen!

man cleaning the kitchen

Sanitize Your Surfaces

Sanitizing your surfaces is extremely important in food preparation. The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home, and with an endless amount of things touching your surfaces, it’s essential to keep the surfaces clean and sanitized. At The One Minute Miracle, we offer 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. With this hydrogen peroxide, you’re able to effectively clean your kitchen surfaces. A key is to use an opaque spray bottle, as exposure to light can kill off the effectiveness. After you spray on your surfaces, let everything bubble for just a few minutes and rinse clean.

woman cleaning a stove

Disinfect Your Appliances

Kitchen appliances have come a long way over the years, and with how digitized our world has become, there are only more appliances to have to improve your kitchen’s efficiency. Keeping these appliances properly cleaned can be a frustrating task. However, with The One Minute Miracle’s 35% hydrogen peroxide, you can get your appliances cleaned with ease. Because food grade hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic, it’s a great way to clean your kitchen appliances in a way that remains safe for children and pets.

washing grapes

Wash Your Produce

Your produce provides you with essential nutrients for your body’s functions. However, a lot of us overlook the importance of washing our produce before we eat it. A simple rinse will not properly clean your produce, leaving the possibility of pesticides and bacterial contamination. With The One Minute Miracle, you can use 35% hydrogen peroxide to fully clean your produce. When using hydrogen peroxide, just place ¼ cup in your sink mixed with cold water, let them soak for about 20 minutes, and rinse for ready-to-eat produce!

cleaning silverware

Clean Your Utensils

Kitchen utensils are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Normally, you throw it in the dishwasher or wash with the rest of your dishes. But, with your kitchen utensils coming in contact with both raw and cooked food, it’s important to keep them effectively and safely cleaned. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide gives you the non-toxic yet productive cleaning you need. At The One Minute Miracle, we strive to provide you with safe and sanitary cleaning options that really work.

At The One Minute Miracle, we strive to provide you with a wealth of information that will empower you to make responsible and informed decisions about how to clean your kitchen. Possible with the use of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Shop Now!

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