You can use the antiseptic and properties of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in an abundance of ways. The versatile formula has no additives or stabilizers, making it even more powerful when you employ it. Rather than just leaving H2O2 in your first aid kit to treat mild scrapes and clean your wounds, you should put your hydrogen peroxide to use elsewhere too. With this in mind, our team at The One Minute Miracle has broken down our five favorite uses of H2O2 below.


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Garden Maintenance

Though 35% hydrogen peroxide is typically associated with treatments for ourselves, it can also be used to aid the health of plants outdoors. One instance in which you can use H2O2 in this manner is preventing mold infections of mushrooms. On top of combating fungus and infections, you can also use the drops as a form of pest control or to improve plant growth.

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Whitening Almost Anything

You are most likely already aware of the bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide due to its common application in hair bleaching. But the extent of its power can be extended to whitening stained clothes, floors, and fingernails. From food stains to sweat stains under your armpits, H2O2 erases these unpleasant appearances. Likewise, if your tile floors are beginning to grow dirty with stains and mold, these issues can be treated with 35% hydrogen peroxide as well. Lastly, fingernail gunk can be rinsed away with an H2O2 mixture for a shiny polish.

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Dental Hygiene

As we have already established, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is a strong combatant of germs. This makes it a great mouthwash too due to its cleansing and whitening properties. To make a mouthwash with your H2O2, dilute it with water and then swish it around in your mouth before spitting it out. Do not swallow the mixture because ingesting H2O2 can be hazardous. But when diluted and splashed properly, hydrogen peroxide mouthwash creates a pearly mouth clean of all stinky matter.

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Make Food Last Longer

You can spritze or bathe your greens with hydrogen peroxide to prevent them from getting soggy in your fridge. Similar to the mouthwash above, be sure to rinse your fresh fruits and veggies before you decide it’s time to eat. This is because a thorough wash prevents you from ingesting the H2O2.

At The One Minute Miracle, we provide you with numerous great products that are versatile like our 35% hydrogen peroxide. You can apply H2O2 to make several aspects of your life easier. For more information about our products - such as bottles of hydrogen peroxide and our 1-day colon cleanse - contact The One Minute Miracle today!

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