When it comes to feeding yourself and your family, there are all kinds of tricks, tips, and tools you can use to make your process easier and quicker. However, one of the things that many people still do by hand or without help is washing their produce! From getting rid of waxy residue to ensure that there are no pesticides or contaminants on your produce, washing your fruits and vegetables is an important part of keeping your family healthy. Here are four reasons why you should use 35% hydrogen peroxide to wash your produce.

waxy looking vegetables and fruit

Wash Away Wax and Surface Contaminants

The top reason to use 35% hydrogen peroxide when cleaning off fresh produce is to make it easier to wash away waxes like you might find on apples as well as surface contaminants from dirt, transportation, or even the grocery store. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is designed to kill off any microbes or unwanted germs on your produce, so you’ll enjoy clean produce easier than ever!

rinsing off lettuce

Extend the Life of Your Produce

One of the best reasons to use 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide is to help extend the life of your produce. After washing your produce with your hydrogen peroxide, you’ll rinse off your vegetables or fruit to ensure that they’re ready to eat, and that preparation will help to keep your produce fresher for longer. In addition, if you place your produce in appropriate, airtight containers or water, these items will last even longer!

washing produce with water

Works Better Than Water or Vinegar

While most people simply run their fruits and vegetables under water and move on, some people use a vinegar soak to get the dirt and grime off of their produce. However, this could leave a sour smell or flavor on your produce, making it less appetizing or even inedible! By washing your produce with 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide, you’ll get clean, fresh fruit and vegetables without the smell or taste of vinegar.

large bundle of produce

A Little Goes a Long Way!

When using food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide to wash your produce, you’ll notice that a little bit goes a long way! Because you’ll want to dilute your hydrogen peroxide to wash your produce, you can wash quite a lot of items without using a lot of product. This means that you get a better value with hydrogen peroxide than with water or vinegar alone!

Get started with using the best trick for washing your produce and shop for your food-grade, 35% hydrogen peroxide from The One Minute Miracle today!

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