When people think of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), they usually think of the time that they scraped their knee and had to sanitize the wound — along with the stinging sensation that came with it. 

While H2O2 is a common antiseptic, there are many other ways that H2O2 can be used in your household. At The One Minute Miracle, we sell food-grade H2O2 products that can be safely used for a variety of household tasks. As a food-grade product, our H2O2 products do not contain common stabilizers that can be potentially harmful when ingested — meaning that you can use our H2O2 products safely in a variety of applications. Applications including:

Sanitizing Cutting & Cooking Surfaces

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you want to find a cleaning product that can effectively kill any unwanted bacteria while also being safe should any food come in contact with the cleaning product. Food-grade H2O2 is perfectly safe for food contact and is also extremely efficient in killing viruses and bacteria that might be festering in your kitchen or catching a ride into your home on your food. 

Washing Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a part of any healthy diet — that said, produce can be detrimental to your health if not washed properly. 

Fruits and vegetables can be exposed to a number of pathogens and bacteria as they grow or are transported to the grocery store. Because of this, it is important to wash them before cooking and consuming them. Our food-grade H2O2 products are perfectly safe to use when washing your produce. 

Cleaning the Bathroom

While there are many popular bathroom cleaning products that you can find at the store, sometimes the cleaning solution that you actually need is much more simple. H2O2 products can be used to kill bacteria in your bathroom while also keeping it clean and fresh.

When applied to grout between tiles, H2O2 can actually whiten the grout while removing soap scum and other debris. When applied to the interior of a tub, stubborn soap scum can be easily removed with a scrub brush. 

Whitening Whites & Removing Stains

At The One Minute Miracle, our food-grade H2O2 products are also perfect for whitening your laundry and removing stains from your clothing. To whiten your laundry, fill a washer load with whites and add some hydrogen peroxide directly into the wash. To eliminate stains from your clothing, mix your H2O2 solution with baking soda and water. A quick wash should remove the stain and enhance the whiteness of your clothing. 

Preventing Mold

Do you live in a humid climate? If so, your dehumidifier likely runs day and night — pulling water from the air. That said, after collecting the water, your dehumidifier can develop mold and spread it through your home. Cleaning it regularly with H2O2 products will remove the mold and prevent it from developing again.

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