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When people think of finding balance in life, they typically think of working on their mental and physical health. That said, there are more ways that you can find balance than simply eating well, exercising, and taking some time to relax and recover. 

In fact, the environment that you live in is just as impactful on your health as the diet, exercise, and rest that you implement within your daily regimen. When it comes to staying healthy, a great way to do so is to keep your home and living environment clean — and eliminating pathogens that could weigh on your health and mood. One great way to do so is to use food-grade H2O2 products to keep your living space clean. 

What Is Food-Grade H2O2?

Food-grade H2O2 is a safe cleaning product that does not include acetanilide, phenol, sodium stannate, or tetrasodium pyrophosphate — meaning that it does not contain traditional stabilizers that can be potentially harmful when ingested. Because of this, food-grade H2O2 can be used to clean food, packaging, and surfaces that might contain bacteria and pesticides without leaving a harmful residue behind. 

Finding Balance With H2O2

While H2O2 products like ours, here at The One Minute Miracle, are not a dietary supplement that contributes directly to your health and balance in life, it can contribute second hand. For example, the fruit and vegetables that you incorporate within your diet are what makes you healthy — but washing your food with food-grade H2O2 and water can remove potentially harmful bacteria that might be using your food to hitch a ride into your system. In fact, food-grade H2O2 can be used to disinfect virtually any surface that might be harboring bacteria and viruses that can knock you off balance and cause you to become sick. 

How Can You Incorporate Food-Grade H2O2 In Your Daily Life?

Having a clean living space is one of the best ways to stay healthy — and one of the best ways to keep your living space clean is by using food-grade H2O2 products from The One Minute Miracle. Our 12% H2O2 products can be used to clean a variety of surfaces (including food surfaces) by killing bacteria and viruses that might be present. Below, we have listed some of the best cleaning uses for our innovative H2O2 products.

Cooking Surfaces

When it comes to cooking surfaces — whether it be the countertop where you plan your meal, the cutting board where you prepare your food, or the appliances that you use to cook it — there is no safer cleaning product than food-grade H2O2. Not only is the food-grade cleaning product effective in sanitizing surfaces, but it is also safer than non-food-grade H2O2 products or other more toxic cleaning remedies. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom — no matter how clean it looks — is one of the dirtiest areas of any home. Because of this, it is important to keep your bathroom clean to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Hydrogen peroxide products like our 12%, food-grade H2O2 products can effectively keep your bathroom clean without leaving behind potentially harmful residues. 

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