Food grade hydrogen peroxide is one of the most versatile substances you can keep in your home. While many assume that H2O2 is only good for cleaning out cuts and scrapes, the reality is that you can use it in a myriad of ways. Don’t believe it? Check out these clever ways you can use 35 percent, food grade H2O2. Join The One Minute Miracle as we explore some of these lesser-known ways to use hydrogen peroxide in your everyday life!

Clean Out Your Fish Tank

Does your fish tank need a deep clean? Hydrogen peroxide does a great job of getting rid of the fungi that can build up along the sides and in the corners of your tank. With the fish out of the tank, simply wipe down the interior of the tank, and soak any features like rocks, decorations, and filters. Allow it to dry, then reassemble the tank and add your fish back to the tank.

Keep Your Mirrors Spotlessly Clean

Ditch the Windex and use food grade H2O2 instead! Just apply some hydrogen peroxide to a lint-free cloth or paper towel and wipe down your mirrors. You’ll cut through the built-up gunk and spots, leaving a streak-free shine.

Whiten Your Fingernails

If you love to paint your fingernails, you might notice that your nails have yellowed with time. Don’t worry, you can reclaim your natural nail color in no time with 35 percent food grade H2O2. Simply soak a cotton ball in the product, then apply it to your nails. Over the course of a few minutes, you should start to see the yellow color fade away. When you’re satisfied, rinse your hands, then apply your favorite lotion.

Get Rid Of Sweat Stains

We’ve all got that favorite shirt that we stopped wearing because of nasty sweat stains. What if you could add it back to your wardrobe rotation? Now you can! With one part dishwashing liquid and two parts of H2O2, create a solution and apply it to the stain. Let it sit for about an hour then rinse it. The stain should lift without a fuss. If it’s particularly stubborn, scrub it with a little baking soda.

Add Natural Highlights to Your Hair

Sometimes, a pop of color in our hair is a fun way to update your do. Make a 50/50 solution of water and food grade H2O2. Spray the solution onto your wet hair, and you’ll create subtle highlights that naturally complement your hair color!

Looking to add hydrogen peroxide to your life? The One Minute Miracle has all of the 35 percent H2O2 products you could ever need!

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