Oxygen In The Muscles

How Low Oxygen Contributes To Fatigue

Oxygen is used in so many process in the body.  Every cell in the body contains mitochondria that uses oxygen to convert glucose (sugar) into energy. This process is called cell respiration.

When oxygen  falls below optimal levels such as during exercise or physical exertion normal aerobic cell respiration will switch to a less efficient method of converting glucose to energy called lactic acid fermentation. This is a type of anaerobic cell respiration which does not require oxygen.

A by product of anaerobic cell respiration is lactic acid, which will  build up in the muscle tissue . Excess lactic acid is what causes soar muscles and cramps after physical activity.  When this occurs the blood PH will also begin to drop toward more acidic.

Keeping your system oxygen rich through the breath and complimentary methods will reduce build up. Also making stretching a regular part of your day will help release the lactic acid.

An interesting fact is foods can be produced using lactic acid fermentation. Foods such as yogurt, pickles and sauerkraut.  These foods can contain beneficial probiotics as you may already be aware of. Probiotics in my opinion are one of the most important elements in maintaining ones health.

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