In the One Minute Miracle blog, we have covered a number of ways that you can use food grade hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning tool in your home. That said, some of the cleaning applications that food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used for seem to be a little obvious or predictable. Because of this, today’s blog will focus on uncommon uses for hydrogen peroxide in your home that you can use to keep your family and friends happy and healthy. Continue reading to learn more. 

Disinfecting Toothbrushes And Dental Appliances

When people think of their toothbrush and their dental appliances, they typically view them as a cleaning tool — not a tool that needs to be cleaned. Because of this, dental appliances are often used for a short time and then discarded in favor of a replacement. That said, if your toothbrush bristles aren’t damaged or if your dental appliances, like water flossers, seem like they need to be replaced, they might just need to be cleaned. 

Because food grade hydrogen peroxide has a concentration of 35% hydrogen peroxide or less, they are deemed safe to use for cleaning items that might be ingested or used to clean your mouth. If a toothbrush appears to still have some life in it, you can soak the brush in food grade hydrogen peroxide to kill any germs that might be lingering between uses. For common dental appliances, hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean the appliance while killing any germs or bacteria that might be present. 

Clean Your Dirty, Grubby Sponges

Another cleaning product that you may not think needs to be cleaned is sponges. Sponges used to clean your bathroom and used to clean dishes typically become gross and grubby rather quickly — after all, they are designed to soak up water and scrape off grime. That said, you can extend the lifetime of your sponges by cleaning them with food grade hydrogen peroxide.

To clean your grimy, grubby sponges, simply soak the sponges in part hydrogen peroxide and part water. Doing so will help break down some of the grime that they accumulate while also helping to eliminate odors.

Cleaning Your Humidifier

If you live in a state that has relatively low humidity, you might have a humidifier in your home that you use to avoid developing dry skin. Like any household appliance that holds water, a humidifier is at risk of developing mold and mildew — and if it does, it is then spraying the spores into the air. One way to ensure that your humidifier does not develop mold or mildew is to never leave water in it when it isn’t cycling and to let it dry fully between uses. That said, sometimes the development of mold and mildew is inevitable. 

If your humidifier develops mold or mildew, it does not mean that you have to throw it away. Instead, consider sanitizing it with a food grade hydrogen peroxide mixture. Consider using the food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean all surfaces and fill it with a hydrogen peroxide mixture to cycle the hydrogen peroxide through the appliance. When cycling the hydrogen peroxide through the appliance, place your appliance on a porch or in your garage so that you are not breathing in the mixture. Then let the appliance fully dry out before your next use!

Clean Your Mirrors

Sure, common household mirror cleaners usually get the job done, but they also mist your countertop and toiletries below with chemicals that you should not ingest. To avoid contaminating your countertop and toiletries, consider using a safe, food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean your mirrors. 

Food grade hydrogen peroxide, when paired with a microfiber cloth, can help you remove any buildup from your mirrors without creating streaks in the process. 

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