Most people like to feel as if their entire house is clean. That said, if you have to prioritize the cleanliness of any room, we hope that you prioritize your kitchen. 

Foodborne illness is an extremely common issue across the world — even in developed countries like the United States. If your kitchen is not cleaned properly, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. While the idea of bacteria growing in your kitchen can be rather gross to imagine, it is important that you don’t fret — because a clean, bacteria free kitchen is just a quick cleaning away. 

The One Minute Miracle is proud to produce and sell high-quality, food grade hydrogen peroxide products that are perfect for keeping your kitchen clean. Rather than using potentially harmful chemicals to clean your kitchen, consider using safer products that can leave you knowing that your friends, family, and pets are safe. Check out our food grade H2O2 products today!

Best Kitchen Uses

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that you are using a product that will kill the bacteria and sanitize surfaces without leaving behind a potentially dangerous residue. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is strong enough to sterilize surfaces while also being safe for kitchen surfaces. In most products, including some hydrogen peroxide dilutions, there are harmful chemicals known as stabilizers that can remain on a surface after it dries. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, however, does not have any stabilizers in it — making it safe for kitchen use. But what parts of your kitchen could use a cleaning the most?

The Dishwasher

While the dishwasher is a cleaning tool itself, it is not uncommon for bacteria to develop when the dishwasher sits for long periods between uses. Because dishwashers use moisture to clean your dishes, small pockets of moisture might accumulate in the intricate parts of your dishwasher. If moisture is present for a long enough period of time, the dishwasher can begin to develop bacteria — and nobody wants a dirty dishwasher!

By spraying the fine details and pockets within your dishwasher with food grade H2O2 sprays, you can ensure that even the smallest of pockets in your dishwasher are sterilized. After you spray it down, let it air out and rest assured that it is ready to use again should you need to wash dishes again soon. 

Your Sink

Another part of your kitchen that is generally used to clean other things, yet can still become dirty itself, is your sink. Your sink is exposed to a number of different bacteria each day — whether it be a foodborne bacteria that washes off of a plate or a bacteria that you have washed off of your hands and into the sink.

Because the inside of your sink will almost always be a wet surface, it is important that you scrub it with food grade hydrogen peroxide from time to time. In doing so, you will be able to cut through the grime that might hold moisture and enable bacterial growth. Additionally, by spraying your sink whenever it dries, you should be able to sterilize your sink — leaving it ready for your next use. 

Disinfecting Counters & Cutting Boards

The most important part of your kitchen to keep clean is your food preparation surfaces — because these are the surfaces that your food will come in direct contact with before you feed yourself and your family. While most countertop cleaning products are perfectly adequate, using food grade hydrogen peroxide spray on your countertops will ensure that no bacteria is transferred to your cooked food or that raw food does not leave potentially harmful bacteria behind. 

While most people are very good at keeping their countertops clean, not everyone remembers to keep their cutting boards clean. In most cases, people throw their clean cutting boards in a drawer and assume that they are clean and ready to use once they remove it from the drawer. Instead of simply trusting that they have remained clean in storage, be sure to sanitize them with H2O2 spray prior to using them. This will ensure that they are safe and ready to use the next time that you are preparing a meal. 

Washing Your Veggies

Everyone washes their veggies, right? After all, whenever you see news of major bacteria outbreaks, they usually are linked to a vegetable that was grown in a certain area. Food grade hydrogen peroxide has long been known as a tool for cleaning surfaces and keeping them safe for contact with your food, but hydrogen peroxide that is deemed food grade can also be used to clean the vegetables themselves. 

Not only does food grade hydrogen peroxide ensure that your food is safe to consume, but it also can prolong the shelf life of your vegetables. By removing the potential bacteria from your vegetables rather than letting them fester, your vegetables will last longer while remaining sanitized and ready for your next meal. 

Sanitizing Cookware

While we all like to think that we do a great job sanitizing our cookware, it can be hard to completely clean them because of their intricate shapes. Food grade H2O2 products are perfect for ensuring that your cookware is clean — because even if it looks clean, it may not be as clean as you thought. 

Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used to safely sanitize your utensils and cookware while resting assured that the cleaning product used will not create any health risks. In short, it never hurts to give your cookware a quick once over with a safe sanitizing solution.

Sanitizing Your Garbage Can

The kitchen garbage is a naturally dirty place. After all, it is trash. That said, each time you go to open or close your trashcan, you are subject to picking up some germs along the way. Rather than cleaning your garbage can every time that you open it or close it, consider periodically disinfecting it with an H2O2 product. We recommend food grade hydrogen peroxide because it keeps your kitchen sanitized without the need for potentially hazardous cleaning products that could be tracked to other parts of your kitchen.  

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The One Minute Miracle is proud to support non-toxic health products like food grade hydrogen peroxide that can keep your home clean without exposing you, your friends, your family, or your pets to harsh cleaning products. Our food grade hydrogen peroxide products come in many sizes, and are perfect for at home use, or use on the go. Check out our inventory of food grade peroxide today in our online store

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