Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a clear, colorless, odorless liquid. When most people think of hydrogen peroxide, they tend to remember their childhood, scraped knees, and the sting of hydrogen peroxide as their parents cleaned out their cut. 

Hydrogen peroxide is a valuable tool for sterilizing cuts that may have been exposed to bacteria — but that said, there are many uses for hydrogen peroxide that are often determined by their concentration. 

Food grade hydrogen peroxide contains 35% H2O2 and 65% water — making it diluted compared to the hydrogen peroxide used for medical purposes. But why dilute a strong sterilizing substance? Well, to put it simply, diluted hydrogen peroxide can be used in a number of different ways because of the stabilizing compounds that are left out of the mixture. The following stabilizers are removed from all food grade hydrogen peroxide products.

  • Acetanilide 
  • Phenol 
  • Sodium stannate 
  • Tetrasodium pyrophosphate 

The above stabilizers are included in stronger hydrogen peroxide solutions to help offset the stronger chemical nature of an undiluted H2O2 sample. While effective, these stabilizers can be harmful to ingest — making 35% hydrogen peroxide solutions safe for ingestion should some residue be left on foods or drinks. 

Types of Hydrogen Peroxide

There are four main types of hydrogen peroxide strengths that you might encounter at the store. Below, we have listed the types of hydrogen peroxide, as well as the most common use associated with each one.

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide - 3% hydrogen peroxide is known as a household item. It can be used as a disinfectant and can also be used to clean minor wounds. 
  • 6-10% Hydrogen Peroxide - this range of hydrogen peroxide is commonly used for tasks like bleaching hair. 
  • 35% Hydrogen Peroxide - 35% hydrogen peroxide is the only food grade hydrogen peroxide. It is considered food grade because unlike other strengths, it does not contain potentially harmful stabilizers. 
  • 90% Hydrogen Peroxide - 90% hydrogen peroxide is an industrial strength H2O2 product. It can be used to bleach products, make foam rubber, and can even be used to make rocket fuel. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

Just because 35% hydrogen peroxide like our The One Minute Miracle products are designated as a food grade product, they are not meant to be ingested — although some people believe it can be used medicinally (but it’s use has not been verified by the United States Food & Drug Administration.) What “food grade” really means is that potentially harmful stabilizers have been removed from the solution — meaning that if you accidentally ingested the solution it would not be as harmful. 

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is especially versatile, because it can be used on food surfaces and even food itself as a sanitizer. Whether you are wiping down the counter or washing off your fruit — 35% hydrogen peroxide is a valuable, safe sanitizing solution. 

Kitchen Use

If you need a safe sanitizing solution for use in the kitchen, food grade hydrogen peroxide is the tool for the job. As we mentioned before, it is considered food safe because potentially dangerous stabilizers have been removed from the solution. Because of this, it is perfectly safe to sanitize surfaces with food grade hydrogen peroxide because it will not make you sick if it ends up getting on your food. 

Bathroom Use

While you may not be concerned about food safety in the bathroom, food grade sanitizer is still a valuable cleaning solution. 35% H2O2 is strong enough to kill bacteria on your counters, floor, toilet and shower without spreading potentially harmful chemicals to your toothbrush or any other accessory that may end up near your face or mouth. 

Laundry Room Use

Your laundry room is one of the cleanest places in your house, right? After all, items spend more time being cleaned in this room than in any other room of your house. That said, food grade hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove stains and brighten dingy whites. Simply look up a few recipes online to create your own fabric brightening solution. 

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